Web Content Creation

I understand that not everyone has enough time to curate content for their website. Here at AndrewMatters.com, I’ll step in to allow you concentrate on other aspects of your business. Whether it’s new content or rewriting existing content, you can trust me to produce quality and high impact content for you platform. Let’s save you time and increase your online visibility!

Why should you hire me to curate web content for you?

Optimal keyword selection

When people are searching for products and services, keywords are what they type into the search engine. The implications, therefore, of using the right keywords in your web content are huge. I’ll perform a keyword search to identify the ideal keywords to incorporate into your web post, which will then will aid traffic to your website.

Content is king

High quality, original content is unbeatable in web content marketing/presence. Let me help you produce good content to add value to your products, as well as engage readers on a product conscience level.

SEO optimized

I will craft authoritative content (informed, useful, and current), leading people to click on your platform and share it. Search engines e.g. Google will “pick” on these leads and rank your content, thus getting more target traffic to your website.

Engaging and user-friendly content

For readers to enjoy your content, they need to be able to flow with and understand language used. Many websites fall into the trap of using jargon or technical terms that customers struggle to read. I’ll curate reader friendly, stimulating and easy to read content that will ultimately lead more traffic to your website.

Compelling content

I will create persuasive content that communicates and connects to customers’ needs and preferences, articulating your products unique features, benefits and advantages.

Powerful syntax and style

Word choice matters any day. Strong verbs and phrases? Active prose? These inject energy and life to your platform in unique ways. Not only will I employ these, but also impactful, effective sentence structure and organization.

Proper structure and formatting

Research has proven people are less likely to actively read on the web the way they read hard copy material. This makes it more important than ever to present content that’s easy to read. I’ll ensure well organized web content that achieves just that – numbered/ bulleted lists, more white space, logically arranged ideas and smooth transition between parts.

Hire me today to design content for your platform and experience the results!