Thesis Dissertation Editing

A thesis dissertation is probably one of the most challenging tasks you will have to take on as a degree/PhD candidate. The high level of academic rigor and research required, while at the same time attending classes or holding down a job is enough stress on its own. Still, after immersing yourself in it for an extended period, you are required to submit a near perfect paper: well-structured, easy to read, logical and flowing thoughts and flawless grammar. This high level of demand can wear anyone out.

Luckily, at, I take up that extra slack for you. Send me your thesis dissertation today and I will do these much needed touch ups for you:


When it comes to word choice a few elements are worth considering e.g. verb and voice. This refers to active and passive voice; and either of them is better in specific contexts. I’ll carefully examine your document to assess if each voice is more contextually befitting. Also, I’ll critically examine your document to weed out certain types of languages that are inappropriate for a thesis dissertation e.g. colloquialisms, informal language, slang, phrasal verbs and so forth. In the same way, I’ll identify and eliminate indecisive language, which undermines your authority on the subject!

Punctuation and Grammar

Bad grammar renders any thesis dissertation, no matter how well researched, useless. Let me identify and correct errors and inconsistencies in punctuation.

Your word processor may highlight egregious grammar mistakes, but it will not identify mistakes that are more complex. Remember, some words may be technically spelled correctly, but contextually incorrect e.g. “they’re” and “there”, “maybe” and “may be” etc.


A thesis dissertation is fairly lengthy, and cohesion among its parts is key. Let me ensure transition between sections and subsections is natural and arguments are easy to follow, and that all ideas tie back to the central idea i.e. thesis. (Important)

Formatting and table of contents

APA, MLA or other format? Consistency throughout your document is very important. Table of contents? Leave it all to me!