Resume and Cover Letter Editing

 Your cover letter is your sales pitch for that job. It is where you get to say why you deserve that job as well highlight your qualifications and passion – to get your foot in the door for an interview. It’s obvious, therefore, that a cover letter should be impeccable – and motivate your prospective employer to look at your resume.

Here at, I’ve got that covered for you.

 In order to make sure your cover letter stands out head and shoulders above the rest, I will:

  • Review and revise your cover letter to ensure it effectively matches your experience, talents and skills to the job requirements
  • Ensure your cover letter uses expressive and powerful language to describe and highlight previous successes and achievements
  • Ensure your grammar and spelling is immaculate and all punctuation is appropriately placed
  • Review and revise your resume to ensure only relevant and useful information – in relation to the job, eliminating needless details
  • Ensure your cover letter is easy to read, breaking down information into small and manageable chunks and availing more white space
  • Ensure the conclusion reiterates your interest and reaffirms why you are qualified  – in a memorable fashion
  • Review and revise your cover letter to ensure it complements, not simply duplicates your resume

In addition, for your resume, I will:

  1. Ensure the top third of your resume serves as the hook for the employer to read on
  2. Highlight the top skill set the job description requires
  3. Bridge any gaps between your experience and the experience required for the job
  4. Identify and leave out information that is not relevant to your potential employer, only presenting relevant and important information
  5. Reposition information about your past job(s) and tailor it for the job – making you more marketable
  6. Ensure font, size and format is consistent throughout the document
  7. Ensure error free grammar, vocabulary and punctuation