Research Paper Editing

You have finished your research paper and you feel good. Your thesis is backed up by critical data, your title is attention grabbing, your conclusion summarizes your main ideas, and you have provided a bibliography of your sources. What next? While these definitely help make your research paper effective, there are other less tangible but crucial elements that your paper should possess for it to be a successful research paper.

Hire me today to proofread and edit your research paper. Does your paper have these qualities?


A good research paper is coherent. The reader should not struggle to associate one part with others; all parts should be linked to make the research paper a complete and one entity. I’ll enhance the structure and flow of your thoughts and arguments for ease of following. I’ll fine tweak your introduction to make it clear cut to the reader on what direction your paper intends to take from the word go. And, I’ll ensure transition from one paragraph to another is painless and supporting arguments for each paragraph deals with the specific idea for that paragraph.


In order to make a strong impression with your research paper, your word and phrase choices must be laser sharp and authoritative. Use of strong verbs is one way to achieve this. Let me apply exact or appropriate verbs to convey the exact meaning of what you want to express. I’ll also apply active voice to the prose, which more readily engages the reader, not to mention making your prose livelier and enjoyable to read.


Clarity is equally important in a research paper. It entails use of concise statements as opposed to meandering ones, avoiding redundant phrases/clichés, needless and filler words. All these cloud on clarity and ease of comprehension for your reader. Allow me eliminate unnecessary words and edit down long winding sentences, identify and eliminate filler/crutch words or phrases e.g. “actually”, “most especially” etc. This way, I’ll ensure you have only relevant and suitable content.

Grammar and Spell Check

Obviously, correct grammar and spell check in your research paper cannot be overstated.

To identify even the most unlikely grammar errors, your research paper needs a skilled eye.

That’s why I will step in for you and catch a “bear” that should be a “bare”, a “stationery” that should be a “stationary” and so forth. Also, I’ll identify other inaccurate (and unintentional) terminologies which can tilt the meaning of a concept completely e.g. affect, effect.

Hire me to proofread your research paper today!