Homework and Assignment Editing/Proofreading

Students today have a lot on their plate. Many of them are spending the evening digging away at heaps of homework, which can cause stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. No to mention the crammed schedules and the stressful affair of balancing school, homework and extra-curricular activities. How exactly are you find time to balance between work and play? Here at AndrewMatters.com, I understand play is important to you – whether it’s learning new skills, making new friends or nurturing your creative side. I step in to help you achieve the best of both worlds – get you time to play and help you score an excellent grade at that homework/assignment. You only need to start on your homework, and I’ll take the extra slack for you – proofread and edit it for you.

Hire me today and I’ll transform your assignment into an excellent piece of work by doing the following:

  • Identifying and correcting grammar, punctuation and vocabulary errors that your word processor cannot detect
  • Ensuring your work employs the highest standard of academic vocabulary (depending on the assignment)
  • Improving syntax (reorganizing sentence structure for highest effect) to add vibrancy to your assignment
  • Injecting energy into your work with stronger word and phrase choices
  • Detecting and cutting out fluff from your assignment
  • Editing down run down sentences to yield a clear, concise and economic prose
  • Ensuring your assignment adheres to your tutor’s instructions to the letter
  • Ensuring your assignment complies with any structuring and formatting styles instructed by your tutor

In addition, I’ll give you constructive feedback on areas you can improve on in your future assignments!

Submit your assignment today!