Professional Essay Editing

Whether it is an assignment or a college application essay, you can trust me to provide first-rate proofreading and editing to ensure your essay is a cut above the rest. When it comes to essay editing, I do more than just correct your grammar and misspellings. I will enhance the superiority of your essay by refining the style, correcting grammar and punctuation (including unobvious mistakes), and reviewing your sentence structure to elevate its coherence and make your essay an enjoyable read!

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Style, which is how you write your essay, is important because it influences the reader’s perception of your essay. The tone, clarity and diction of your essay are what constitute its style. I edit your essay to ensure it is neither too formal nor informal depending on your intended audience – this also includes making certain all words are understandable to the reader – by removing jargon or stiff vocabulary. I enhance your essay’s clarity by weeding out needless words and/or repetitions. I structure your sentences to be succinct and concise, as opposed to longwinded sentences that easily become tedious to the reader. I ensure specific word choices not only have the right connotation, but the maximum impact.

Grammar and Punctuation

I do not underestimate the importance of correct grammar and punctuation.

The wrong use of a comma or lack of it, for instance, can blur the intended meaning in an essay. I make sure your writing is clear and effective by applying punctuation where it is needed. I make correct wrong use of homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings e.g. altar, alter). I also ensure pronouns are used correctly e.g. who and whom, and a lot other grammar aspects that need an expert eye.


The structure of your essay is very important.

I make sure your ideas are presented in a logical manner, consistent and that each topic sentence in your paragraphs are supported by supporting sentences. I ensure subject-verb agreement in all your sentences as well as correcting any sentence fragments, and/or split infinitives in your essay.

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