Business Document Editing

In today’s cutthroat business environment, first impressions matter. And when it comes to communication both within and without the office, nothing screams incompetence like a sloppy business document. In the same vein, nothing inspires confidence more than a professionally written document. Writing a business document is only half of the work. When it comes to proofreading and editing your document, trust a professional to polish up the document and help you communicate powerfully, prompt action or successfully persuade that potential investor!

Business documents are meant to be as specific, organized and clear as possible. When you employ me to edit your business document, your document will meet these hallmarks and more!

 Good Structure

The structure of your business document will instantly create an opinion of your professionalism.

Employ me to ensure your document looks professional, is properly formatted and is pleasing to the eye on first impression. This goes for sentences too – I’ll ensure every sentence makes sense (and every part links naturally to the next), and all your key points are following a logical sequence!

Clarity and Specificity

It’s easy to include all unnecessary details which you think might be interesting, but this might not be useful to the reader. Business writing readers are often pressed for time, and that’s why your content should be as succinct and crisp as possible. When you hire me, I revise your document to achieve this, while retaining the original meaning.

For clarity, too, conciseness is important. I’ll detect unnecessary bulk and cut it out. The length of sentences matters too – long and windy sentences are confusing and distracting. I help break your sentences into shorter, easier to read sentences.


Business writing should not be too formal or informal – it should have a conversational nature. Hire me to create for your document a confident, yet friendly and courteous tone. Also, I will make sure your verbs are in active voice (as opposed to passive) which is more impactful and lively.


Hire me today to ensure your document has correct grammar, proper spelling, and suitable punctuation – these will inspire colleagues, your boss, customers, donors etc. to have more confidence in you as a professional, and more likely to get you the desired results!

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