Book/Novel Editing

Have you just finished writing a book? Congratulations! Writing a book takes incredible patience, so your determination has finally paid off! Now before you send in that manuscript for publishing, you want to ensure it’s not simply error free, but also meets a high standard of grammar and vocabulary. That’s why you need an extra and professional set of eyes. Here at, I’ll proofread and edit your book to near perfection, while at the same time letting your personal style and voice shine!

Hire me today to proofread/edit your manuscript and I will:

  1. Ensure your opening paragraph is elegant and captivating. Your opening paragraph should immediately capture the audience’s imagination. I’ll review your introduction and accordingly tweak it to whet your readers’ expectations.
  2. Enhance your dialogue’s characterization and style: ensure it sounds natural, eliminate and replace crutch words and filler language
  3. Review and revise your manuscript to replace weak adverbs with strong, powerful and more evocative verbs. e.g. “sprinted’’ instead of “ran quickly”
  4. Review sentence structure to revise choppiness i.e. very short sentences in a paragraph or drawn out sentences – these soon become a chore to the reader – and make sentences into an appropriate length for easy reading.
  5. Make the story reader friendly by detecting and replacing jargon with natural everyday language.
  6. Eliminate subtle and glaring redundancies in plot and vocabulary
  7. Remove and replace passive voice with active voice – active voice makes it easy for the reader to understand story development and character depth
  8. Identify and correct problematic punctuation, grammar and typographical errors

Submit your manuscript today!